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Smithtown, NY Electricians

Smithtown ElectricianAny sort of electrical problem can be a huge hassle, of course, but it can also pose a danger to your home. If you ever have one, please don’t try to fix it on your own no matter how handy you may be with tools – you could easily make a mistake that could result in serious damage to your home, as well as a serious injury. The stakes are simply too high; talk to the Smithtown electricians with Mister Sparky instead and let us take care of whatever issue you may be experiencing.

Why Choose Us?

For nearly 20 years, our experts have taken care of just about any sort of electrical problem imaginable – if you can think of it, we’ve probably fixed it. But we do much more than that. For example, we can show you ways you may be wasting energy and help you save money. Also, we can help make sure your home is as safe and secure as possible and vastly reduce the risk of fire.

Whether you have something simple as an outlet that needs to be fixed or you need your entire home rewired, the electrical experts in Smithtown with Mister Sparky will have your issue taken care of as quickly as possible. Our professionals are the best of the best; only 1 in 33 people who apply for work with us are able to meet our qualifications and pass our rigorous testing. Because we are so selective, you can be 100 percent confident in the professional we send to your home or office.

Rock-Solid Guarantees

When we say we back our work with the best guarantees in the area, we’re not just spouting empty promises. If we perform an electrical repair and it fails for whatever reason within the first year during normal use, we’ll take care of it at no charge. In addition, you won’t pay a dime if one of our electricians fails to completely clean up his work site once the job is finished. You also won’t pay if one of our professionals swears or smokes on your property. People in Long Island know they can trust us completely; we’ll do whatever is necessary to earn your trust as well.

You have a lot of options when it comes to electricians in Smithtown, but you don’t need to look any further than Mister Sparky. Contact us online or call us at 631-424-2046 to schedule an appointment.