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Melville, NY Electricians

You don’t want just anyone coming to your home when you need electrical service – you want a Melville, NY licensed electrician. You’ll get just that when you turn to the experts with Mister Sparky. All of our technicians are licensed and certified, but they all have a passion for delivering nothing but the best in customer service.

Melville, NY Licensed Electrician

Call Us With Confidence

We have helped thousands of people throughout the area with their electrical repair needs, and we are ready to help you as well. When you call us we’ll send a Melville, NY licensed electrician who will have everything he needs to take care of your issue. If you are not completely satisfied or we don’t show up at the scheduled time, you won’t have to pay for your service. And you’ll never have to worry about receiving any sort of unpleasant surprise when you receive your bill because we will provide you with an exact, up-front price before any work begins.

Do You Need Rewiring?

One of the most important services we provide is electrical rewiring. If you have an older home, your electrical system could be outdated – or worse. If you don’t have it checked, you could be at risk of a fire without even knowing it. At the very least, you could be susceptible to extremely annoying power outages because your wiring can’t handle the power loads demanded by modern equipment and appliances. Here are some signs that you need your home’s wiring updated:

  • Your existing wiring is cracked or deteriorating.
  • You’ve recently had several blown fuses, tripped circuits or power outages.
  • You don’t have enough electrical outlets in your home.

We’re Ready to Help

Regardless of whether you need something as extensive as a major wiring upgrade or something more routine such as regular maintenance, we’ll be here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always be able to count on a Melville, NY licensed electrician with Mister Sparky to take care of whatever electrical services you need. Give us a call at 631-424-2046 or contact us online to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.