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Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless LightingSave money on your energy bills with an efficient wireless lighting control system in your Seymour home or business. A PowerHouse Home Services electrician can install wireless lighting controls so that you’re always getting the perfect amount of light when you need it. Many home and business owners might be taking steps to save on energy, such as switching to energy-efficient lighting sources, but there’s even more than can be done and even more money that can be saved.

The Value of Wireless Lighting Controls in Seymour

If you’re the owner of a commercial building, it’s estimated that roughly 40% of your energy cost is made up of lighting. Besides changing out light bulbs, you can also turn out any lights that aren’t being used and make sure employees have optimized lights so that they aren’t using more than they actually need in order to work. Other benefits of wireless lighting controls and wireless lighting control systems include:

  • The ability to control when lights are activated and how much light is actually used
  • Having an electrician add a sensor that only triggers the lights when someone comes into a room and turns the light off when they leave
  • Being able to set your home or business lights to a specific schedule
  • Having photo sensors that can detect when it’s daylight outside and adjusting the lights accordingly so they aren’t brighter than they need to be
  • Being able to save on installation costs, cutting back on the use of copper wire and having a more efficient payback time

To learn more about wireless lighting controls or to talk with an electrician about your options, schedule a consultation with PowerHouse Home Services today.

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You might be surprised at just how advantageous wireless lighting control systems can be to your home or place of business, and that’s especially true if you’re trying to go green and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more, contact us today at 631-424-2046.