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Power Surge Protection

Whole house surge protection can protect your home as well as your electrical appliances during electrical surges such as those caused by lightning strikes. Mister Sparky electrical Services offers surge protection for your home to keep you from losing your expensive computers, flat screen televisions, gaming consoles and your air conditioner. A qualified electrician can also help prevent a fire from breaking out in your home due to a lightning storm. Help protect your home and your electrical devices and appliances with adequate protection.

overloaded power strip

Surge protection keeps you safe in two ways:

  • Diverts the extra electric current through the grounding path of your home
  • Pinpoints the extra current that’s channeling through your home

A licensed and insured electrician can install one of the absolute best defenses against damaged power lines and lightning at a price that won’t make you go into shock.

Don’t Leave All of the Work to Power Strips

You might think having power strips are effective enough for whole house surge protection, but the truth of the matter is power strips that have built-in surge protection are only effective at handling small surges. In order to make sure your home and your electronic devices are truly protected, we recommend actual surge protection for your home. Think of how much time, frustration and money you can save by not having to replace electrical items in your home or by not having to rebuild your home after a fire.    

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