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Electrical Outlet Installation

childproofing your home

With the help of Mister Sparky electrical services and proper electrical outlet installation, you can keep your child safe by preventing them from gaining access to electrical outlet wiring in your residential setting. Young infants and children have a natural curiosity, and sometimes that curiosity could lead them to places where they don’t belong. With child proof electrical outlet wiring, you no longer have to worry as much about your child accidentally shocking themselves while in your home.

ChildProof Electrical Outlet Wiring

We’ve been helping to keep New York homes safe since 1993, and you can be sure that the electrician who visits your home to childproof your electrical outlet wiring is fully insured and licensed. A few tips we have to offer include:

  • Make sure there are no loose cords stretched out in hallways and rooms so that your child won’t trip over them in the dark
  • During electrical outlet installation, make sure that outlets are protected with plug-in safety caps so that children can’t shove knives, paper clips or forks into outlets
  • Buy power strips with a plastic childproof electric wiring cover so that your child can’t mess with the cords and accidentally shock themselves

An electrician might also recommend that you have your outlets installed with the ground tab up in order to further protect your child from becoming accidentally shocked by electrical outlet wiring. If you’re in need of electrical outlet installation for the outside of your home, we can help keep each and every outlet protected from wondering little fingers.

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If you’ve just moved into your new home or if you’re expecting a child, Mister Sparky is more than happy to assist you with all of your child proof electrical outlet wiring, code updates, and wiring upgrade needs. To speak with an experienced electrician about electrical services and to set up an appointment, call us at 631-479-2852.