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Lighting Installation

The lighting installation for your newly built or remodeled home is essential to the overall ambiance of your residence, so be sure you turn to a certified electrician for all of your lighting needs. Mister Sparky electrical services doesn’t want the lighting in your home to be too blinding, nor do we want you to have to sit in darkness. We have been providing the Suffolk area with professional electrical services for many years, and we’d like to put our professionalism and experience to work for you and your home.

Long Island Lighting Contractors

New York Electricity

Mister Sparky electricians offer a wide range of lighting installation services, including:

  • Interior lighting: Ceiling Lights, Wall lights, Home Accents
  • Outdoor lighting: Patio Lights, Landscaping Lighting, Spot Lights, Garden Lights

We can also send a licensed and insured electrician to your home to protect you and your family from dangerous power surges.

The Perfect Lighting Installation for your Home

Setting the mood for any room or special occasion all starts with the lighting. We realize how important the proper furnishings and decorations are, but those furnishings and decorations will be best displayed in a favorable light. For rooms you use for various purposes, an electrician can install a system of adjustable lights so you can change how warm or how bright the lights are.

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Mister Sparky wants to help shine a light on affordable and high quality lighting installation services. When you’re ready for a consultation with an experienced electrician, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 631-479-2852.