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Ceiling Fan Installation

Cut down on your utility bills and help air circulation with professional ceiling fan installation from Mister Sparky. While a ceiling fan won’t actually cool down a room, the breeze it creates can do wonders for cooling the temperature on your skin. If you’re unsure of how to install a ceiling fan, we can add one to almost any room for you at an affordable cost. Add a little style to the inside of your house with a few well-chosen ceiling fans and enjoy the energy savings solution.

ceiling fan installation

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

We’ve been keeping the Long Island area cool since 1993, and in that time we’ve managed to make ceiling fan installation into an art form. When thinking about which ceiling fan is right for your home, you’ll want to think about:

  • The size of the fan
  • How much the fan costs
  • Motor quality
  • Blade pitch
  • How energy efficient the fan is
  • Blade finish

While you can have a master electrician install your fans, you can also complete the job yourself. Below you will replace instructions on how to install a ceiling fan:

  • Make sure the electricity to the circuit has been shut off before you remove the shade or globe from the interior lighting fixture
  • Take off the box and cut a new hole
  • Attach the brand new electrical box
  • Carefully glue on the fan’s ceiling medallion
  • Mount the ceiling plate
  • Put together the parts of the fan
  • Make the wire connections
  • Attach the lights and blades

Use the upmost level of caution with ceiling fan installation since electricity is involved. If you’re ever unsure or confused about what to do next, don’t hesitate to call us and well send a master electrician to complete your installation.

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