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Electrical Inspection

If you are like the DIY homeowners we know, you want to increase your home’s value over time. This can include improving the landscaping and curb appeal, updating fixtures, and even starting renovation projects. Many homeowners will also want to upgrade their circuit breakers and wiring at some point. One component of every home that’s often overlooked, but is one of the most important, is the regular electrical inspection. This simple yet crucial job is necessary to ensure electrical equipment is up to date, making your home safe to live in.

Electrical Safety Inspection

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We understand having contractors in your home can be an inconvenience and take time out of your busy schedule. However, scheduling an electrical wiring inspection is something every homeowner should do on a regular basis. With our trained and knowledgeable electricians, we guarantee your home’s inspection will be done quickly and provide a thorough report. Our qualified electricians can answer any questions that arise about the inspection report or our electrical services.

Why Have Your Electrical System Inspected?

The electrical components in your home are, for the most part, invisible elements that quietly and efficiently run all the power in your house, from your television and entertainment systems to your refrigerator and washing machine. You don’t often think about wiring or electricity until a panel trips or a light shorts out. A highly trained residential electrician will be able to perform an electrical inspection for any of the following reasons:

  • Ordinary wear and tear, especially in older homes
  • Upgrading and replacement of electrical components
  • Rewiring or remodeling work
  • Emergency electrical repairs

Repairs are a normal part of the life of any home, and an electrical wiring inspection should be thought of as a vital checkup to keep your home’s inner workings healthy.

Electrical Inspection Checklist

Below are some of the elements that we inspect:

  • Location & Clearance of electrical panel
  • Sinks, water heaters etc. no closer than 3ft. of panels
  • Approved fan boxes for fan outlets
  • Make sure panels and circuits are not overloaded
  • Disposal and dishwasher on separate circuits
  • Separate 20 amp circuit for bathroom GFCI receptacles

For your peace of mind, you should schedule an electrical inspection today by calling 631-479-2852.