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Circuit Breakers

We’re long past the days of only replacing a blown fuse when your home or office building’s electrical wiring is overloaded. Today’s circuit breakers make restoring power after a short circuit extremely easy and hassle-free, plus they all but eliminate the threat of fire which comes from an overloaded or overheated circuit.

Your property’s electrical system is a complex series of different circuits that should only be worked on by certified electricians. You can put your trust in Mister Sparky and our highly trained electricians to do the job correctly the first time and safely install or replace your circuit breaker. Our employees will describe their process, how to identify the cause of a circuit overload and how to reset a tripped circuit to restore power.

The Importance of Circuit Breaker Panels

circuit breaker panels

Technology is more powerful and sophisticated than ever, and it is also more draining than ever in terms of how much power our modern day electrical conveniences use. Devices and appliances that will need efficient circuit breaker panels include:

  • Washers
  • Dishwashers
  • Dryers
  • High quality air conditioners
  • Computers
  • Flat screen television sets

If you live in an older home, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a professional electrician replace your circuit breakers, then you should look into the efficiency of your circuit breaker.

Turn to Licensed and Insured Electricians

We know there are countless resources out there you can use to replace your circuit breakers yourself, but we don’t want you to run the risk of accidentally hurting yourself or starting a house fire. Let Mister Sparky take care of installing your new circuit breaker panels. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s time for you to look into circuit breaker replacement, we are more than happy to visit your home and give you our professional opinion. We’ll make sure you get the circuit breaker you need for you home at a price you can afford.

The Types of Circuit Breakers Available to You

The most common types of circuit breakers are:

  • Magnetic: This circuit breaker uses an electromagnet to force the circuit breaker lever down when the electrical load on the line exceeds the predetermined current. The lever then moves the contact plate and trips the switch.
  • Thermal: In this breaker, a bimetallic strip responds to the heat of the electrical current. High heat causes the metal to bend, turning the contact plate and breaking the circuit.
  • Hybrid: This system employs both technologies, using an electromagnet to protect against sudden surges and a bimetallic strip to protect against prolonged circuit overheating.

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