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Following Home Electrical Wiring Safety Codes

Electrical Wiring SafetyToo many homes have unsafe wiring or electrical system issues. Many old homes have wiring changes that were never properly upgraded to meet modern electrical wiring safety standards. Even new homes can have an overabundance of electrical plugs for the sockets available, resulting in overheating and other risks. At Mister Sparky, we have skilled Long Island electricians who can assess your home system and ensure safe compliance with electrical codes.

Biggest Wiring Risks

Old homes often tend to have the most notable safety code violations. Everything from fixtures without proper electrical boxes behind the wall to overloaded circuits with the wrong wires can result from too many do-it-yourself projects over the years in an old house.

Even new homes have electrical wiring safety risks that can come from overloading a circuit, putting too many plugs on a drop cord, or even replacing light bulbs with higher watt bulbs than the fixture is designed to hold. Risks of shock or fire are very real when homeowners fail to realize the serious dangers of faulty electrical wiring.

Having unsafe electrical wiring that is out of compliance with safety codes can have financial costs, too. Surges or power outages caused by faulty wiring can damage sensitive computer equipment. Insurance costs rise with dangerous or illegal wiring conditions, and fines can result if city home inspectors see the violations and impose a penalty.

Trust the Pros

Avoid the safety risks and financial costs of dangerous electrical wiring in your home. Call Mister Sparky at 631-479-2852 for Long Island electricians who are prompt, reliable, skilled and able to ensure electrical wiring safety on any project. Whether it is a former DIY project that needs to be properly replaced or a new addition that calls for new wiring, we can get the electrical connections done right, in full compliance with city codes and safe for family enjoyment.