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A Generator Makes All The Difference

Generator DifferenceIn the last few days, Hurricane Sandy affected at least 24 states, from Florida to Maine. The caused major flooding, especially in New Jersey, New York, and parts of Connecticut. The storm brought significant rain,  tropical storm force winds, and even snow in states such North Carolina and West Virginia. It has been estimated that the cost of damages is around $20 billion to $25 billion, which would rank Hurricane Sandy among the top five most destructive hurricanes on record. Hurricane Sandy is the second strongest storm to hit the Northeastern United States since the 1938 New England hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy is responsible for an estimated 123 fatalities in the United States and Caribbean islands, including 54 in Haiti, 11 in Cuba, and 54 in the United States. Having learned their lesson in preparation from last year’s Hurricane Irene and October snowstorm, power company crews are hard at work restoring power across the state.

Some scientists believe the storms like Hurricane Sandy are increasing in intensity due to climate change. More intense storms mean more power outages, which could last for days. In addition, power outages are often the result of aging transformers or power crew mistakes, such as accidentally cutting a cable. We rely on electricity for the most necessities, such as heating, lighting, and refrigeration. To prevent your family from being left in the dark, home standby generators are the answer. When the power goes out, a home standby generator turns on automatically, restoring electricity to your home. This gives you peace of mind and the ability to live your busy life uninterrupted.

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