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What Size of Standby Home Generator is Right for You?

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A standby home generator can keep you up and running when the power grid is knocked out due to a storm or a malfunction of some sort. What makes standby generators so convenient is that you don’t have to pick and choose which appliances and electronics you want to keep powered when an outage takes place. It’s very important, of course, that you have the right size of unit for your home’s power needs, and that’s where Mister Sparky can help. We can send one of our technicians to your home who will perform a thorough analysis of your electricity needs and help you determine the size of generator that is right for you.

Generator Sizing

A lot of people are under the mistaken belief that they don’t need as large a standby home generator because the connected loads are not running continuously. However, this can actually be a dangerous misconception. If your generator isn’t large enough, it could be damaged due to a power overload. This could also lead to your expensive electronics and appliances being ruined as a result. It’s extremely important that your unit is properly sized to eliminate the risk of overloads.

What wattage do I need?

Typically, the minimum wattage you need in your standby home generator is 1.5 times the total wattage used by your home’s electronics and appliances. The number needs to be larger because most appliances use more power when starting up than when running. Here are a few of the most common items that need to be powered during an outage with their typical wattage requirements:

  • Refrigerator – 700 to 1,200 watts
  • Microwave – 600 to 1,200 watts
  • Washer – 1,200 watts
  • Television – 300 watts
  • Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU) – 1,500 watts
  • Desktop Computer – 250 watts

Again, a professional with Mister Sparky can help you decide on the best size for your standby home generator by calculating your electricity needs. Give us a call at 631-479-2852 or contact us online to set an appointment. Do you have a home generator? What size worked best for you? Let us know by clicking one of the social media icons on this page.