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Importance of a Standby Generator for Your Home

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The importance of a standby generator should not be overlooked. It is easy to take reliable electric service for granted when everything works as it should. What happens though when your electric service is interrupted for hours, days, or even weeks? Will your family be prepared for this crisis? Will your business be able to keep operating without electricity? A standby generator can keep you safe, comfortable, and working even when the electricity is out in your community.

Common Causes of Power Outages

Electric service to homes and businesses can be interrupted for a number of reasons. Increased demand during peak usage can cause regional failures, storms and natural disasters can interrupt electric service to entire communities, and isolated incidents like thunderstorms, wind, snowstorms, or car crashes can cause electric lines to be damaged or broken.

The Effects of Power Outages

Homes can be uncomfortable at best or dangerous at worst, without electricity. Heating, air conditioning, and security systems all require electricity to operate. Many homes do not even have fresh water when the electricity fails if the home relies on a well for water. Mobile phones may still work when the electricity is out, but still require electricity for recharging. Refrigerators and freezers require reliable electricity to store food, and many homes are equipped with electric stoves or gas stoves that do not work without electricity. The bottom line is that many homes will be uncomfortable if electric service is interrupted for more than a few minutes, so it may be a good idea to invest in a home generator.

People who rely on electricity to power medical devices face an even greater threat from an electrical outage. Families of small children or the elderly may also be particularly vulnerable during extended power failures.

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