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Hurricane Season Means Standby Generators Are Needed

Hurricane Irene

The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1 and ends on November 30, 2012. This is time of the year when tropical cyclones tend to develop in the Atlantic basin. Last August, Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast causing around $15.6 billion in damages, making it the sixth costliest hurricane in American history. A standby generator would have made a world of difference for many, because a week after the storm, 100,000 people were still without electricity and water. The damage was so extensive that utility crews from all over North America (some as far British Columbia) were needed in the cleanup effort.

In the last past decade, the growth of electricity consumption in the US has continued to outpace the growth of electricity production. The increased pressure on the grid, combined with aging infrastructure and the threat of severe weather leaves homes and business much more prone to future power outages. The best way to avoid this problem is with a home standby generator.

generatorsAt Mister Sparky, we understand the importance of staying connected and safe when the power goes out. Whether we’re installing a new standby generator or servicing a backup generator, we’ll assess your needs and make sure that you’re covered in the event of an outage.