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Home Generators: Electrical Wiring Safety Tips

Electrical Wiring SafetyAny number of unpredictable events can cut off power to your home and leave you vulnerable in the dark. An electric generator provides smooth backup power in the event of a massive storm or other kind of emergency. At Mister Sparky, we have Long Island electricians who are highly skilled and thoroughly experienced in home electrical wiring safety. Allow us to help you safely install and set up your home electrical generator.

Types of Generators

Depending upon your power supply needs and budget, different electric generators are available with various options and features. You can use a wattage calculator to tally up your home’s energy needs, and plan for a generator in an appropriate size range that will get the job done.

At the low end of the range are midsize portable generators that supply power sufficient to run an ordinary household for as long as needed. Keep in mind that portable generators run on gasoline engines, and take 12-20 gallons per day to power a home. Issues of electrical wiring safety are crucial in installing and using a portable generator, so talk to the pros to make sure you get the right generator for your needs.

Stationary generators are permanently installed outside, near your home, and wired to activate automatically in the event of a power outage. Most stationary generators run on natural gas or propane, so the issue of filling the tank with gas is eliminated.

Call the Professionals

Installing a generator should not be considered a DIY project; don’t leave something this important up to chance. Trust the licensed professional electricians at Mister Sparky to get your new generator installed quickly and correctly. In this way, you can ensure you can provide power to your home on a moment’s notice. Please give us a call at 631-479-2852 to schedule a home electric generator installation.