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Electric Generator Wiring Safety Mistakes

Electric GeneratorWhether it is an old home with patched together wiring or a new home using a portable electric generator unsafely, electrical systems can be dangerous if used improperly. Many common electrical wiring safety mistakes that homeowners make involve trying to take on too much without obtaining professional help. Many individuals try to add too many plugs to an outlet or drop cord without realizing the risk of fire or shock that can result. At Mister Sparky, our trained electricians in Long Island have seen all kinds of wiring situations; we are highly skilled at resolving electrical system issues safely and effectively.

Electric Generator Dos and Dont’s

While many homes rely on a portable generator for backup power in an emergency or to run outdoor equipment, they can be a safety risk if not used properly. Dangerous fumes can accumulate if a gas-powered generator is used inside, like in a garage, basement or shed. The connection from the generator to the home power supply must be properly connected to avoid risk of shock or fire, and to eliminate the potential for it to interfere with the utility electric system.

Be Secure With Professional Advice

Trained electricians in Long Island can advise you on where your system has safety risks and how to correct them. Overloaded electrical circuits should be rewired to ensure efficient and safe use. Home electric generator systems should be looked over by a professional electrician to be sure that the power gets safely into your home. With electricians from Mister Sparky on your side, your home electrical system can be secure and efficient, so you get the most out of enjoying your home safely. Call us today at 631-479-2852 to schedule an inspection of your home wiring system.