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Common Electrical Problems Answered

Electrical Problems Homeowners face many of the same electrical questions every single day. At Mister Sparky, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with those who need it. If you are currently experiencing electrical problems, you can turn to us for the information and clarification you seek.


Why Don’t My Outlets Work?


Your outlet may be on a switch. Use an electrical tester to see if power is going to the outlet while neighboring switches are in the on and off position. If that doesn’t resolve it, check and reset any GFCI outlets and the circuit breaker. When in doubt, call a professional electrician to repair the outlets and determine why power was lost.


Why Did My Circuit Breaker Trip?


A circuit breaker should only trip if the breaker is overloaded or in cases of ground fault interrupters. Chances are that an appliance overloaded the system causing the breaker to trip. Check all appliances to determine if they require a higher voltage than the outlet you are using.


What Is a GFCI Device?


GFCI is short for ground fault circuit interrupter. This device protects you and your electronics from electrical shock if it senses even a slight increase in ground fault resistance, such as occurs when an electrical device is used near or in water. The device immediately shuts off the switch to prevent electricity from passing through and causing a potentially deadly situation.


My Lights Are Flickering. Is Something Wrong With My Electrical?


Some vital systems in your home may temporarily cause the lights to flicker when they first switch on. Heat pump condensers and central air conditioning may cause the lights to slightly dim. Additionally, other smaller appliances and motor driven equipment may cause some flickering as well. You may consider calling your local utility company to determine if there is a problem with the supply source. If the electrical problems seem to be excessive or long-lasting, contact an electrician to take a look and give you peace of mind.


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