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Why You Need a 24 Hour Electrician

Emergency Electrician

If you are a homeowner, one of the best things you can do to protect your home and your family is to hire a 24 hour electrician. Even if you do not often find yourself needing electrical services, an on-call emergency electrician can make all the difference when something unexpected comes up. Not all electrical problems are as urgent as others, so how do you know when to call one of our Mister Sparky electricians?

Exposed Wires

If you notice bare wires anywhere in your house, immediately block off the area to keep people and pets away. Exposed wires are extremely dangerous, and pose the risk of electrocution. Wires can become exposed if a pet chews on them, or if something falls and breaks a wire. Once the area is safe, call your electrician right away.


If you ever notice smoke emanating from a socket or light switch, first unplug anything from the socket, and then turn off the main power to the area at the circuit breaker, if possible. Smoke is an indication of a short circuit, and could cause a fire at any point. Call your 24 hour electrician if you encounter this situation.

Water and Electricity

Another risky situation occurs any time that electric wires contact water, such as in a flood. Water readily conducts electricity, and if live wires are making contact with the water, there is an electrocution risk for anyone touching the water. If you see this situation, evacuate the area immediately and call your emergency electrician.

Contact Us for Help

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with electrical service. Having a 24 hour electrician on call is one of the best ways you can protect your home and your family in the event of a problem. Call Mister Sparky at 631-479-2852 any time you have an electrical emergency.