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Top Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Season

Outdoor Lighting IdeasTasteful lighting can do wonders for setting the mood at an outdoor party or casual family gathering. Creative placement of patio lights, spotlights, garden lights, and other landscaping lights can make a setting bright and vibrant or soft and romantic. Magazines and social media sites are full of fun outdoor lighting ideas. If you want to use some of these designs to create your own backyard haven, then contact Mister Sparky to put your outdoor lighting ideas into practice. Our Long Island electricians will help you achieve the outdoor space you have always envisioned.

Tap Into the Latest Trends

The seasonal trends for outdoor lighting ideas are plentiful. Here are a few of the many popular lighting concepts you might want to consider incorporating into your overall outdoor design:

• Line the walkway up to your house or a garden pathway out back with hanging lanterns. This not only adds an element of safety to your landscaping, but it creates an inviting atmosphere that will instantly attract guests.
• String balls of light over a patio or from tree to tree over a grassy area. The sparkling canopy illuminates large portions of land that would otherwise be hidden during the nighttime and adds a touch of charm.
• Place several spotlights around the yard. The lights draw attention to the best parts of your outdoor area.
• Install lights near or in a water feature. Lighting at the bottom of a pond will make the fish visible at night, while lights around a small waterfall can make the water shimmer.

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