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Tips for Passing Your Home Electrical Inspection

Electrical InspectionElectrical inspections are a necessity for the safety of every Long Island homeowner. Anything from overloaded circuits to exposed wires can end up causing serious damage and even presenting a safety risk. State law typically requires inspections of electrical work and systems before property is bought or sold and after DIY electrical projects are accomplished. For many homeowners, passing the electrical inspection on the first try is a significant concern. We at Mister Sparky know that your time is valuable, which is why we want to make sure your electrical assessment goes smoothly and successfully the first time around.

What to Look For

Some elements of the electrical system in your home are beyond your control, but there are several simple steps you can take if you want to increase your chances of passing your upcoming Long Island electrical inspection on the first try. For instance:

• Ask us about it! If you want to know what we are going to be looking at, there is no better method than checking out our website or giving us a call. We are happy to answer any questions.
• Tie the ground wires together near each electrical box or outlet.
• Fire block any holes in the wire passages and electrical boxes. Fiberglass insulation and fire block expanding foam both do a good job of closing up gaps.
• Make sure you are using the right circuit breaker.
• Double check that your disposal, dishwasher, and bathroom receptacles are on separate circuits.

Get Help Today

If you need an electrical inspection, whether for a routine check or a specific project, simply contact us at 631-479-2852. We at Mister Sparky will do everything we can to ensure the safety of your home, including thoroughly looking over its various electrical aspects and promptly correcting any hidden dangers we may find.