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Three Lessons in Surge Protection Safety

Surge Protection SafetySurge Protection SafetySurge Protection SafetyIf you don’t have a surge protector in your home or if you’re unfamiliar with how they protect you, then Mister Sparky is here to give you a lesson in surge protection safety. Besides turning a single outlet into several outlets, surge protectors can protect you from electrical power surges and make sure that you still have power even when you no longer have electricity in your home. So how else do they keep you safe?

Protecting Your Finances

Surge protectors can protect you both physically and financially. Even when your electrical equipment is turned off or put in standby mode, it can still be using power, which means you’re paying for electricity you aren’t using. A smart surge protector can sense when the equipment that’s plugged into it is in standby mode and will cut the power.

Sudden Surges

Thunderstorms can lead to electrical surges and are a prime example of the importance of surge protection safety. Whenever lighting strikes there’s a chance that it can release a sudden blast of random electricity into your home’s wiring, which can lead to a power outage. A surge protector will keep you from losing power. There’s also a chance that you can cause an electrical overload in your home by plugging in one too many devices in one outlet. A surge protector can keep a fire from starting accidentally from the overload.

Data Protection

If you’ve ever had your computer crash on you or if you’ve ever suddenly lost power while you were working on your computer, then you know how frustrating it can be to suddenly lose your data. While a surge protector may not keep your computer from crashing, it can make sure that you don’t lose any of your valuable computer data if there’s ever a power surge.

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