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Step-by-Step Guidelines to Electrical Inspections

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Whenever you do home projects that involve installing or changing electrical wiring, installing outlets and light fixtures, or building an addition, you need to obtain electrical inspections to ensure that your home is safe and up to code. Of course, no one likes having to hire contractors to come to his or her home. Fortunately, getting an inspection can be a breeze when you use Mister Sparky.

When to Get an Inspection

If you are making an addition on your house, you will most likely need to have an inspector visit your home twice. The first of the two electrical inspections is called the rough inspection, and must occur when the wiring and outlets are all installed, but before the drywall has been put up. All of the wires need to be visible for the inspector to be able to check that they are safe. After the addition is completed, the inspector must come back for the final inspection before you are allowed to move in.

What Is Checked During an Inspection?

During the rough inspection, the inspector will check that the electrical boxes are installed properly, and that they are of the proper size to accommodate the wiring inside them. For the final inspection, they will check the outlet and switch heights to make sure they are correct, and they will verify that the wires are anchored properly. To anchor wires, staple them to the studs at least every four feet, and be sure to install a protective metal plate to stop screws from hitting the wires when the drywall is installed.

Call Us to Make the Inspection Easy

While getting electrical inspections may sound like a pain, it can be easy and smooth as long as you check that your wiring is up to code beforehand, and hire a responsible electrician to perform the inspection. Our experts here at Mister Sparky can help you obtain the proper certification for all of your electric work. Call us at 631-479-2852 to schedule an appointment.