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Questions To Ask Your Residential Electrician

Build-To-SuitHiring an electrical contractor is never an easy decision. Besides replacing the best value for your money, you must have enough trust in this person to let them into your home. Hiring the wrong electrical contractor can have disastrous results. We have heard so many horror stories about sleazy contractors lying about their credentials, doing shoddy work with sub-par materials, and even stealing from customers’ homes. Don’t let this happen to you!

Questions You Should Ask Any Contractor Before Hiring Them

1. Will you guarantee the price in writing before you start working?

2. Will your estimate break down the pricing with a detailed list of the specific tasks that will be done or will it be a lump sum price?

3. Will you be sending one of your own employees or will you be sending a subcontractor?

4. Does your technician have experience working in existing homes or is he mostly a construction electrician?

5. Will the technician clean up after he finishes the job?

6. Does your company have a valid New York Electrical Contractor license?

7. Do you have the necessary liability insurance and is every employee covered under Worker’s Compensation?

8. Does your work and materials come with a 1 year (or more) guarantee? Are these guarantees in writing?

9. If I’m not satisfied with the service, what is your policy on correcting the work or refunding my money?

10. Do you conduct background checks on your employees?

11. Does your company perform random drug testing to ensure employees are drug-free?