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Electrical Wiring Basics That You Must Know

Easy Wiring, Electrical Safety

Your home’s electrical system is a fundamental part of your life, whether you think about it often or not. While you need an experienced electrician to deal with serious problems that may come up, it is always helpful to have a good grasp on electrical wiring basics in your home. If you take some time to learn just a little about the wiring in your house, it will help you self-diagnose problems so that when you talk to the experts here at Mister Sparky, you can describe exactly what the problem is.


Before you do even the most basic repairs or inspections on your home electricity system, you need to know about safety. Electricity is dangerous! This is why we employ knowledgeable experts to work on your home. Use this checklist to make sure you are safe before doing any work:

• Turn off the electrical breaker to the room where you are working
• Tape off the switch so it is not turned on while you are working
• Check any exposed wires with a non-contact voltmeter
• Notify others that you are working on the electricity

Line Voltages

Knowing electrical wiring basics includes understanding voltages coming into your house. In the United States, your home probably has two hot wires coming in, and one neutral line. This provides 120 volts when using one hot line and the neutral line, and 240 when using both hot lines.

Know When to Call the Experts

Replacing light switches and outlets is easy with a little know-how on electrical wiring basics. However, it can be hard to admit when a problem is beyond you – never be afraid to put down your tools and call the experts. Because house wiring can be dangerous, it is always a good call to bring in a professional. Call Mister Sparky at 631-479-2852 if you need our service.