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Do It Yourself: Electrical Rewiring

Electrical rewiringNot every electrical repair or replacement requires a professional from Mister Sparky. If you have noticed that one of your outlets is damaged or needs an upgrade, replacing it with a new one can make your home safer and better looking. Electrical rewiring for an outlet is something you can do yourself, if you have the time and the motivation. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and your Long Island home will have a new and improved outlet courtesy of your very own handiwork.

The Lowdown on Rewiring an Outlet

Before you start working on anything, take a trip to the main circuit panel and shut the power off to the specific outlet. Or, if you want to play it safe, disconnect power to the entire house. You want to be 100 percent sure the wires are not live while you work with them. After you complete this crucial first step, the actual electrical rewiring is easy. The rest of the process goes as follows:

1. Remove the faceplate with a flathead screwdriver.
2. Pull out the outlet unit from the electrical box by unscrewing the top and bottom screws.
3. Label the correct places for all of the wires on the outlet receptacle. Black wires connect to brass screws, white wires connect to silver screws, and the green wire connects to the green screw.
4. Unscrew the wires and take out the plug.
5. Install the new outlet by re-screwing the wires to the receptacle in their proper places.
6. Slide the outlet unit back into the electrical box, and secure it by the top and bottom screws.
7. Screw in the faceplate over the unit.

In Case of an Emergency

If you run into any problems along the way, or if you need help with a¬†Long Island¬†electrical rewiring project that you don’t want to tackle independently, then we at Mister Sparky are happy to help. Call us at 631-479-2852 and we will promptly assist you.